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The Zach Rule exists for one reason - to spread more love and happiness in the world by bringing together those Zach loved, and those that “Want to be more like Zach”. Inspiring everyone to live their best life.


The Zach Rule will spread smiles and skills to at-risk youth through the game of basketball. We are currently raising money to donate new blacktop courts, hoops, equipment, coaching, and the funds for a yearly tournament for at-risk youth. All designed to lift the spirits of kids in underprivileged communities, and provide the team spirit, confidence and hope they need to succeed in all aspects of their life.


The Zach Rule will also raise money for an endowment towards a scholarship for underprivileged kids at the University Of Maryland, Zach’s parents alma mater and one of his all-time favorite places.

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Zach thrived on social connection, but he also enjoyed his alone time. And his favorite place to enjoy his solitude was on the driveway shooting hoops, every single day, at all hours of the day. 

Even if he started out in a bad mood or wanting to be alone, in a matter of seconds his huge smile would beam as he called out to friends and neighbors of all ages who might pass by. Inviting them to join him in a game of horse, one on one, or just to take a few shots and chat about life. Many neighbors, some we had never met before, (and even a few of the Woodfield security guys) have stopped by the house to share a story about the impact their chance encounters with Zach had on them. All of them seem to agree that Zach was a special kid, with an indescribable ability to make them laugh and feel special.


Zach Filippo had a magical energy that lit up any room. His gift was the ability to bring people together and make everyone he touched feel like the most special person in the world. Those that love Zach will always feel his big heart, and his endless capacity to spread love and smiles to each and every person he met.

Zach had a huge impact, and shared so much happiness in his life, and The Zach Rule Foundation will continue his legacy. Bringing together family, friends, those he loved, and those that just want to  “Be More Like Zach” to spread even a fraction of the happiness he did in the world. Ultimately touching the lives of kids in need.

The Legacy

Born in NYC, Zachary lived on the Upper East Side with his parents Greg and Shari, and later his beloved baby brother Matt, and dog Lucy.  When his family moved to Boca Raton, FL he quickly built a community of family and friends that would last the rest of his life. The antics and adventures of The Task Force boys, his group of lifelong friends, became Boca legend. Each boy credits Flip with transforming his life in some way for the better. You could often find them on Sundays cheering for his favorites, the Jets, or just generally getting into mischief around town. Lets just say it was never boring when Zach was around.

Zach started golfing with his Dad at just three. He played competitively, winning tournament awards, and becoming the only freshman to make the Pine Crest Varsity Golf team. But his real passion was always basketball. And no matter the day or time you might find Zach shooting hoops in the driveway. His huge smile beaming as he called out to friends and neighbors who might pass by. 

When Zach set off for The University of Indiana, his future looked bright, and he knew he could accomplish anything he set out to do. No one was surprised when he was a pick for his first choice fraternity AEPI freshman year. He quickly integrated into campus life, becoming a dedicated friend, brother, and natural leader. Bringing his unmatched energy and sense of fun to a whole new circle of friends.

Sadly, Zach’s life was cut short by a car accident on July 20, 2020. The many people who love him will miss him forever and life will never be the same. He shared his capacity for unconditional love, seeing the best in every person and situation, and living your best life every single day. 

He will be missed - more than words can say, and will never be forgotten. In the words of one of Zach’s favorites Paul Walker,  “See you again at the finish line” Zach.

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